Bali Beauty Pt. 2

The main purpose of my trip was to attend a yoga retreat run by Jessie Neave with my good friend Jess. I booked it shortly after re-discovering yoga through Trudy at The Moving Room and wanting something to look forward to after my dad passed away last year. The retreat was very emotionally and spiritually challenging but ultimately very positive and healing.

I was anxious about what I'd do about all the street animals I'd see in Bali so before I left I asked my vet friend Fe who's worked with animals in Bali before for advice. After speaking to her I ended up donating a bit to Bali Pet Crusaders before my trip. I also bought a tee from BAWA while I was there which I was told would help sterilise 1 puppy. I also paid a visit to the wonderful Elizabeth at Villa Kitty and had a lovely time hanging out with all the kitties and a very charming 3 legged dog who loved a good lower back scratch. I'd recommend any animal lovers travelling over there make a donation to any of these places before they go - it did make me feel a lot better.

We stayed at Santra Putra guest house, Villa Gaia and OmHam Resort - all of which I reccommended completely - each gives a different experience and price level. They were all beautiful places to stay and very welcoming. The food at Villa Gaia was next level.

We went to Mengening Water Temple and got to bathe in the beautiful spring and do yoga sesh there. We were just getting into our kundalini thumps when we noticed a busload of school children who were there to clean the temple watching bemusedly over us.

Our very last night we were super indulgent and stayed at the W in Seminyak. Safe to say I have never stayed anywhere so baller.

Bali Beauty Pt. 1

I have just come home from a surprisingly spiritual, inspirational time in Bali. Don't get me wrong - I thought I was going for a super relaxing holiday and yoga retreat - soaking up the sunshine and doing some vinyasas. I was not expecting to be so emotionally challenged, to meet such amazing women and to be so entranced by the beauty of the people, culture, environment, food and ritual of Ubud.

I was so distracted by the beautiful offerings and shrines that walking 30mins down the road took me at least an hour. Even the rubbish bags looked beautiful to me. I was told that black and white are Balinese colours representing good and evil and they are very present everywhere you go. The offerings on the ground keep the evil spirits out (cause they live on the ground) while the ones placed higher are for the good ones. I never worked out what/who the ones on poles and drainpipes were for. Beautiful craftsmanship seems very much part of the culture - at least in the parts of Ubud where I stayed. There were critters all over (squirrels/frogs/mice/birds) and everywhere smelled of incense, smoke, and rice.