I'm in Frankie #72

I customised some socks for Frankie Mag along with some other wonderfully talented people and they're finally yours to bid on here

All proceeds from the auction go to the ALNF so I'm incredibly proud to be part of this project. I crocheted cats onto the top of the socks, cause why not!? ;) They may not be the most practical socks you'll ever wear but hey! They're for charity and they're cute and one-of-a-kind. X

I'm in Frankie #63

About a month ago I was interviewed by Frankie magazine and it's finally out (issue #63). It is quite weird to see myself in there (feeling a bit timid) but exciting too. Mo looks totally freaked out but she was pretty good for *most* of the shoot - I think at this moment a big truck drove past our window and she kinda flipped her furry lid. I'm also relieved that the interviewed turned out so well - I feel like I rambled on about some really random stuff so Sam did a great job of making it all sound coherent. Such an honour to be in those pages. Go get yourself a copy!