Dad's Garden

I wanted to share some photos I took of my dad's garden but didn't really know the best/most appropriate way to share them so they'll stay up here until I find a better place for them to exist. 

My dad died unexpectedly in August and I've been dealing with my grief as best I can with great support from my loved ones. The shape of my grief changes day-to-day. It tends to come in waves - especially at the beginning when it was deep and vast - it would subside eventually for a while which allowed me to continue living and getting on with things. After a few weeks came the realisation of what I had really lost - not just my dad, my last living parent, my closest family and my friend but also his unconditional love - which is a quieter experience but more profoundly sad and painful.


Something that has given me great comfort has been spending time in dad's garden, tending to the established parts and making plans for the rest of it's resurrection.

My dad had a beautiful, eclectic garden and house that really captured his creativity, sense of humour and perhaps his recluse. I wanted to capture it before anything changed too much.

Photo by Robin Sellick

I'm keeping things much as they were in an effort to preserve the spirit of the place but inevitably things will change because that is life. The garden of course has already changed a little. Wonderful friends who have been looking after the garden for us in our absence were so kind to send photos of all the spring blooms. When I came to visit the house again just recently there were still lots of things flowering and of course some annuals had completed their life-cycle once and for-all.

As dad got older the areas he could tend to himself got smaller and smaller so the bulk of the healthy garden is out the back. The front and sides once packed with fruit trees and wisteria now pretty barren if not for the few agaves and large amount of weeds. We got someone in to clear away everything that wasn't alive/not a weed and then got stuck into landscaping - planting some natives, lavender and rosemary, laying down drippers, bark chips and yellowstone. Dad's little oasis out the back has been given a little tidy but remains mostly the same.

Photo by Robin Sellick